Undead Horrors

In the depths

Failure was not an option

- Welcome back, high priest!
Gathering his strength after the ordeal, the Half-Orc rises to his feet and barely with any breath left in his voice asks:
- Where… is my… mace?
- Right here, sir, but please, you must rest. Koraashag will want to speak to you and you have to be full strength…
- The disciple is still here?
- Yes sir… Sir?
- Yes, acolyte, what is it?
- Mazarbul is here as well…
- Great… I’ve been through the Abyss already, my soul has endured. I am prepared for my punishment in life as well. Acolyte, ready my garments and weapons. I do not want to appear weak before the human Mazarbul.
- Sure sir, they are busy with the plans for expansion. I’m sure they will make time for your story in the following days. You have time to rest, I’m sure it was a difficult task.
- What about the prisoners? Is there anyone captured from that damned town? I need to know who those people are.
- Yes sir, we have captured two humans from that area and they are prepped for torture.
The Half-Orc dons his armor and readies his weapons. Still weak, he reads texts in Abyssal and goes in a short trance. After several minutes he regains focus.
-… and the girl seems to be a mage of some kind. We have found arcane spell components in her pouch.
- Acolyte?
- Yes, sir?
- Do you embrace death and understand that our lord will guide us towards a higher state of existence?
- Yes, sir, of course!
- Then you will assist me in torturing these fools. I need to exact my revenge and I need to know what I am up against. The visions had me hunting them. I will need minions once again and there are no orcs here.
- Sir, what about the black orc camp from the south? Are you not half-black orc, sir?
- How many are there left? A hundred? Two hundreds?
- Sir, the gnolls… they have wiped out the tribe… Only a small camp remains…
- They are too weak, acolyte.
- In life sir, maybe, but you have to look at Mazarbul’s latest research…
Both ready themselves to leave the chambers and head to the torture chambers. Before leaving, the half-orc takes another look at the stone table from which he has risen.
- I need to bring sacrifice, for this has taken a toll on our Master.
- Anyone in mind?
- Two dwarves, A gnome, A tiefling, a Human and an Elf halfbreed.
- Strange arrangement sir…
- They all die the same.



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