Questions for the Purple Abberation


First attempt (it speaks Undercommon)

  • Where is your closest ally?
    • In a cave near Crimmor
  • Where did you get the gem?
    • The master of our city gave them to us
  • What is your master plan?
    • (recites poem)
  • What is the power of the gem?
    • first attempt fail
    • The souls of darkness are seeds of the dark who unlock the evolution of creatures

Radu Tobias:

State your name and purpose, aberration !
Are there any more of your kind on this land ?
How can we find your kind (to cleanse them) ?
What is your master’s name / Who sent you here ?
Tell us your secret plan to take over the world !
What is the flaw of the plan that we can take advantage of ?

What is your purpose here?
How did you obtain the gem with elemental evil?
Are there others like you on the surface?

What are the powers (abilities, properties, etc) of the gem?

Did you sacrifice yourself to grow the tree or did something go wrong?
What is the purpose of the stones and the trees?
How many other stones are there?
How do corrupted creatures get psyonic powers?
How can we best resist these powers?

Questions for the Purple Abberation

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