Welcome to Undead Horrors.

This is an ongoing campaign built on the foundations that the Stoneheart Valley story arc from Necromancer Games describes.
Built as bottom up as possible, the world evolves and is created as the players explore it, borrowing elements from many existing materials while adapting to the changes that 5th edition brings to the table.

UPDATE: The campaign returned to the Revised 3rd Edition (D&D 3.5Ed) with elements loaned from Pathfinder.
The story evolved by migrating towards the exploration of Rappan Atthuk and its surroundings, intertwined with the slow evolution of political events in the Empire of Xarr, the Frontier City-States, The Dwarven Strongholds and the Forest Kingdoms.
The heroes are currently searching for Koraashag deep inside the central underground dungeons of Rappan Atthuk.

Campaign Theme

The theme of the campaign is the evergrowing threat of necromancy being used as a means to rise undead forces to fight against the civilized world. After reducing the threat of the savage lands south of the Stoneheart Valley, new threats are looming in the valley. Secret cults of Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undead are emerging from anonymity. At the same time, the threat of the Under Realms has been felt in secluded communities as rumors of alien events start reaching civilized lands.

Undead Horrors

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