Undead Horrors

Dear Zhog

A letter from Arialle

Dear Z!

It’s so wonderful of you to send me word from your adventures in Crimmor and it’s even better that you’re trying to help that poor community. My father used to tell me stories about that town and it’s beautiful people. They were the perfect example of what new communities should be like, once the Great War was over. It’s sad that things can go astray so quickly and so rough. Be careful though, I have heard bad things about some of the people that control the city now. Rumor is that a thieves guild actually has the town under control and they don’t take kind to strangers meddling in their affairs.
Darling, please don’t worry yourself about sending me precious trinkets, I am interested more in you right now and you have other interesting gifts you can give me. I dream of you during many nights and my body trembles in anticipation as if possessed by the very demons that made you what you are.
I’ve heard that your group has started rebuilding the old road with the help of some dwarves and word goes around that you are going to become the new lords of the region. Already the keep is getting called a new name, the Shadowbane Keep. The Grand Duchy is not going to like that, but you are not some fat nobles looking to enslave a few towns for your own gain and vanity.
I started studying your way of doing magic, and the books talk of powerful pacts that unleash great power. It’s much different than the way I wield the Weave, its simpler, more focused. I feel like I know you better now, but still I know so little about what you are and where you come from. This feeling of unknown is both scary and exciting. Whenever I am with you I feel like the greatest of the bards, exploring the edges of the known world.
I know that you are going to travel more than I could ever follow and you will have responsibilities far beyond a mere explorer and I accept that. I only ask you do not forget me. I have my own roads I need to walk on and I will have to fulfill the same thought.
The people here already miss your misfit troupe, even if some are glad you left. Peasants will always be happier with nothing extraordinary happening in their life. Even father sometimes tells me to forget about you, that I am better off without you, but what does he know?
He still doesn’t understand that I want to join the college in Bard’s Gate and I am telling him this ever since mother died.
Again I am glad you thought about me and I assure you are in my thoughts as well.
I really hope you’ll be back soon! I miss you so much!

Your always beautiful,

P.S. My father is leaving town on the 21st, he’ll be back at the end of Mistfall. We’ll have the house all to ourselves… Think about it…


Just like all the movies – the guy that receives a letter during war dies first.

Dear Zhog

Dear Arialle,

I’m afraid your dearly beloved Zhog is a bit under the weather at the moment and while he’d normally be very interested in the invitation you mentioned in your P.S., like “pay a wizard an insane amount of money for a teleportation spell” interested, he cannot honor it and at the moment. This is for the better as right now he wouldn’t be able to “get it up” anyway, if you know what I mean.
We’ll make sure he writes to you as soon as he can, that would be right after we liven him up a bit and he stops bitching about the XP he lost.

Your cold hearted,
always logical,

P.S. In case you did not understand from my message, Zhog (long pause) got (long pause) fucked (long pause), proper (long pause) fucked (long pause) as in (long pause) killed (long pause) by a fishy-guy. Please don’t ask for details, it’s a long story and you wouldn’t get most of it anyway.

Dear Zhog

Dear Euryale,

Your letter finds me well… https://dimartblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/3180644981_fa2f678e0c.jpg

Dear Zhog

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